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  • Released high-efficiency HEPA meltblown, strive for the high-level filters market

  • Develop anti-epidemic solution and provide a complete set of Taiwan-made mask material services

  • Awarded 2019 D&B TOP 1000 Elite SME Award

  • Approved by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, as a qualified plastic sheet supplier.

  • HOLLOW SHEET machinery equipped, developing series of exceptional polymer sheets, can be applied on various applications such as packaging, protecting and decorating.
  • Magical Film Wunan No. 2 Factory officially opened to manufacture various plastic sheets.

  • Successfully developed L-SHEET EDGE PROTECTOR, light-weighted with hight strength, it is recyclable, mostly applied on cargo packaging and protecting.

  • Successfully developed Eco-friendly multilayer PP Reinforced Sheet, which is light but good at impact resistance, can be applied on luggage cases, rigid backpacks and etc. 

  • Equipped with Twin-Screwed pelletizer to upgrade our tech of recycle and reproduce for reducing carbon emissions and petro-based resources.

  • OK COMPOST certificated by Vincotte.
  • Praised by Indian agent for the best partner.

  • Successfully developed TD Magical Shrink Film for bottle packaging, helped us to expand the market of traditional Magical Iridescent Film on bottle labels.
  • Successfully developed thin and transparent Biodegradable Film for more applications of packaging.

  • Successfully developed Nylon (PA) five layer co-extrusion gas/water barrier film for the application of food/commodity vacuum packing to replaced lamination market, to reduced the material cost and avoid complicated procedures.
  • Signed a cooperation contract with Far East University to develop macromolecule film series products.
  • Plan to develop shrinkable Magical Iridescent Film in transversal direction to extend the usage for the drinking bottle label market.
  • "Environmental protection A-PET shrinkable label develop plan" was selected as outstanding program of year 2010 by Ministry of Economic Affairs Division and reward of "Outstanding SBIR Development Alliance".

  • Qualification by Reach's environmental regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 on 28th Oct. 2008 for the non-use of fifteen (15) Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).
  • Successfully developed MD (Machine Direction) shrinkable film for battery packaging and replacing current PVC film market to raise environmental consciousness.

  • Integrate “GMA Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.” and “Leader Extrusion Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.” for the alliance research of environmental protection A-PET label; being rewarded by the “China Productivity Center” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. and provided with a subsidy of NTD twelve million.
  • In accordance to the world environmental protection trend; Magical Iridescent Film was certificated by the international environmental regulation of ROHS.
  • Successfully developed environmental protection A-PET label and began the mass production.
  • Investigation plan with “Feng Chia University” to process with high performance compound multi-layer contraction shrink film and materials characteristics analysis.

  • Signed a cooperation agreement with listed Engelhard Co. in the U.S. to do research together to meet the market demand of Magical Iridescent Film.

  • Signed cooperation contracts with Far East University and Far Eastern New Century to develop polyester A PET shrink film.

  • Invested in developing PLA (polylactic acid) biodegradable plastics film to grab the head of future green environmental position.

  •  Manufactures and sales Magical Iridescent Film, OEM recycled polymers and PMMA film.