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Come and see the magical! Makes the world more colourful!

Explore the many facets of Magical Film – from delicate to extraordinary, and from sophisticated to mischievous. Discover the excitement that Magical Film can bring to your products.

Magical Film Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and founded in Taichung County, to manufacture quality plastic packaging and Lamination products. In 2004, we successfully launched Magical Iridescent Film to the market which has been highly successful for lamination, labels and other visually attractive products, in many countries around the world. Magical has an unique ability to provide many specialty and standard multilayer films in the high performance range. Magical supplies many domestic and international customers with Magical Iridescent film for decorative purposes and PETG films for labeling and package bundling.

Due to the pandemic outbreak, we developed the high quality transformable plastic wire, melt-blown, spunbond nonwoven, PET face shield, Earloop,  to make an effort to overcome the pandemic.

As an experienced packaging and Lamination Film manufacturer and designer, we have a firm commitment to R&D, CSI, and sustainability to provide our customers with excellent quality products, uniqueness and superior customer service during and after sales. We continuously upgrade our technology based on our customers’ input with ultimate goal of being your long term partner. We have a reputation for excellent quality and prompt, reliable customer service. In 2005, Magical Film Enterprise lanuched PLA Film, which is 100% biodegradable packaging material. PLA Film can replace petrochemical packaging materials. Lamination on paper tray, replacement for envelope window and food packaging are the applications for this PLA biodegradable Film. Besides, an innovative developer like Magical, started to involve in sheets production in 2017. The PP Hollow sheets and Bubble sheets are the better options for customers who have demands of goods protection, wall decoration and box packing purposes.

Our objective is “Operation in a creditable and responsible manner while putting quality as the top priority”. We continue our strategy of being the leader in our industry with the most innovative products to meet the demands of our world-wide customers. While making continuous effort for new product development, Magical Film still insists on maintaining the top quality of our products strictly and providing the best services for customers.

Film production machinery Film production machinery Film thickness measurement machinery

Non-woven and melt blown winding process Non-woven and melt blown production process Non-woven and melt blown