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Our Insistency-Innovation、Quality
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=Eco-friendly Plastic Packaging Material=
Magical Film, a professional manufacturer of multi layers film, was established in 2001, started with the faith of developing eco-friendly and unharmful plastic products for food packaging and lamination. Therefore, we invested and created multi-layered magical iridescent film, PETG film, PLA film and PP reinforced sheet. We supply more environmental friendly material for all the potential users, especially meeting demands of trends to approved by high standard certification, and become the best partner with customers.

Magical Film products are certificated by FDA, ROHS, REACH and OK COMPOST, meet the demands of environmental protection and more applications, which can be applied on decorative materials as well as food packaging.
=Advanced Techs, the most popular Biodegradable PLA Film=
Climate change has been the most important topic for all over the world recently, reducing carbon emissions are the most urgent thing we need to do. Since the material of PLA film is extracted from plants, and biodegradability is certificated by OK COMPOST; moreover, our PLA film is popular in all international trade shows, especially in developing markets, such as China, India and Mexico, because of the performance of even thickness, good stretch and outstanding printability.

=Innovative, Superior, New-released PP Reinforced Sheet=
Magical Film releases PP reinforced sheet in 2014, which can be widely used on laptop surface, luggage case, amplifier and inner layer of helmet; furthermore, carbon fiber and glass fiber are applied on the sheet as well. Magical’s PP Reinforced Sheet meets the requirement of eco-friendly like we always do, it has multiple colors and the properties of light but high pressurebearing , water and oil resistant, highly chemical resistant, and process accessible, which becomes the best option for Industrial product designer to choose from.

=Sustainability, Our Responsibilities=
Plastic wastes are only 10% of all trash globely, but 60-80% of garbage found at beaches and shorelines are plastic products. As an international plastic material supplier, we accordingly have the responsibilities and duties to develop the products which are more environmental friendly and easily to recycle. Sustainability cannot be just a slogan, it should be the action that we do as a daily job.
The little things that we always do, the big influences will be seen as we believe, the best we respond to our lovely globe.