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    Wearing a mask will expose you to heavy metals pollution!?

    Even if the epidemic slowdown, people still wear face masks for epidemic prevention, but do you know that heavy metals may be a risk in face masks?

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    Stabbed by a face mask! ? Be careful with the material of the face mask!

    During the epidemic, face masks have become an essential daily necessity in life, but there was news about college students being stabbed by face masks. so MAG will show you the difference between the face mask material, which is metal nose wire, and plastic nose wire.

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    Is it safe if face masks have Azo dyes?

    Due to the development of the technique, face masks have a lot of appearances, like colorful three-dimensional or gradient color KF94, but is it safe if face masks have Azo dyes?

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    KF94 masks are popular in Taiwan, but are the KF94 face masks safe!?

    Due to the global epidemic of COVID-19, a variety of masks appeared on the market. Among them, KF94 was instantly popular because of its design in Taiwan, and the rumors say it can prevent viruses very well. However, is it safe I bought KF94 face masks in Taiwan?