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How does MAG’s PLA biodegradable film follow the carbon emissions reduction? The promotion of green enterprise transformation

PLA Film and Carbon Emissioms
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To fulfill the demand for the reduction of carbon emissions and seize the business opportunities, each country begins to advocate relevant policies to solve the issues of climate change. In 2021, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) instituted the carbon pricing mechanism regulated to restrict the product trades with high carbon emissions. Maintaining the global warming of 1.5°C and eliminating fossil fuels are the priorities for the universal manufacturing industries.
Reduce carbon emissions first and achieve net zero emissions eventually.

Net zero emissions snowball the promotion of green enterprise transformation. International brands successively announce their goals and encourage green supply chains. For instance, the supply chain of Apple will use 100% renewable energy and become carbon neutral by 2030.
Governing regulations of the carbon emissions reduction for suppliers, establishing supply chain cooperation plans, joining industry alliances for green peace and collaborating with international organizations are the modern tendencies. Besides, gradually managing carbon emissions, growing renewable energy percentage, offsetting carbon credit and emissions and introducing carbon risk assessment are beneficial to realize the sustainable development and upgrade the green image.
ESG Enterprise? ESG Sustainability?

ESG is an abbreviation for the environment, social, governance and also a new prototype to evaluate companies’ statistics. In addition, ESG represents Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Therefore, various enterprises and investors rate ESG and consider it as a significant indicator for sustainable development and investment decisions.

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PLA biodegradable film

MAG’s PLA film is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The material is eco-friendly and can decompose completely into H2O and CO2 after burial and compost. Different from PVC, PLA film is made from the extract of natural plants (monomer material) and processed with chemical synthesis (high polymer). Its features contain non-toxicity and non-irritation and will not bring pollution or any damage. MAG’s PLA film is the most promising product and is efficient for the reduction of carbon emissions and fossil fuels.
Reducing carbon emissions and implementing ESG are MAG’s business philosophies. We proactively invent eco-friendly products to develop the business and protect the earth simultaneously. PLA biodegradable film is not only commonly applied to the lamination of paper containers and food packages but also certified by OK compost, FDA, SGS, ROHS, RESEARCH, etc. It is safe for suppliers and consumers to trust MAG and MAG’s PLA film.
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