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How does MAG’s PET face shield cover all the bases?

MAG's PET face shield

Do you think wearing a face shield is uncomfortable and does not look aesthetic?
You have a better option in MAG!
Ergonomic design to fit faces
Different from other face shields, the one-piece design of MAG’s PET face shield keeps its promise of a 180° whole-face cover indeed. Our face shield greatly escalating the level of protection and not affecting the air permeability simultaneously is more ergonomic to fit faces.    
Apart from the clear view, anti-reflection and anti-fog are the underlined merits. MAG’s face shield applies to all adults, children or people with glasses. Due to the 30g net weight (lighter than a medical mask), wearing a PET face shield with glasses on for hours in this baking summer will not cause any inconvenience. 

Support “Go green”!
The combination of face shield and baffle avoids droplets and other splashes such as industrial dust and cooking oil. Wearing a medical mask under the PET face shield effectively minimizes the risk of transmission. Unlike the disposable materials, MAG’s face shields as one of our eco-friendly products are reusable and recyclable.
Significantly, the transparent color and design are easier to blend into the daily or office outfits. Besides, the lightness, durability and aesthetic of PET face shields becoming a fashionable medical accessory are popular features at present.

The instruction of PET face shield
1. Take the hollow side toward yourself.
2. Fold the plastic strings 90° from inside to outside.
3. Adjust the length of strings to fit the head size.
4. Wear the face shield.
5. Tighten it to fit properly.
6. All done. 

Product material - PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Product specifications - Weight: 30g, Width: 28cm, Length: 27.6cm (MIT product)
Product applications - The face shield for Covid-19, anti-splash and medical use
Preservation: Clean it with water or wipe it with disinfectant after use.

The instruction of PET face shield

Fulfill CSR – medical supply donation
MAG has been devoting to developing products with low carbon footprints and actively participating the charity activities. During the epidemic outbreak, MAG provided a large quantity of face shields and masks to the front-line medical staff and polices. We also donate medical supplies to the needed organizations in different cities (i.e. Nantou Ren-ai Senior Citizens’ Home, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Huei-ming Home for Visually Impaired Children, etc.) every quarter to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. 

MAG's supply donation