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MAG's Second Quarter Donation in Changhua County

Face Mask and Face Shield Donation
MAG’s face mask donation in the second quarter of 2022 began!
MAG is devoted to CSR implementation and values charity activities.
We have been giving away face masks and face shields to the local elders and staff of nursing institutions below in Changhua County, Taiwan.
1. 彰化縣私立寶譽老人長期照顧中心
2. 財團法人老五老基金會附設彰化縣私立永樂社區長照機構
3. 財團法人切膚之愛社會福利慈善事業基金會
4. 財團法人彰化縣私立青山社會福利慈善事業基金會 

Our purpose is to protect local elders and staff by actively providing medical supplies.
We believe that a little gesture and kindness could make our society more wonderful.
Keeping doing the right things is MAG’s philosophy and insistency!
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