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MAG pulls out the stops toward a green economy!

2050 Net Zero

Recently, climate change has initiated a worldwide consensus on carbon emission reduction. Reaching net zero by 2050 is an expected goal.
In 2023, European Union (EU) plans to levy the carbon border tax to accelerate the green economy development. Thus, a growing number of companies begin to list the carbon footprint in the supply chain and carbon emission performance as key indexes for procurement. Taiwan, the export-oriented country, shall accommodate the trend timely to avoid losing competitive business opportunities in future.
The Upcoming Net Zero Era
Carbon footprint denotes the amount of carbon emissions in the life cycle of production, launch, sale, and recycle. The majority of countries and Taiwan have evolved systematic management in succession to effectively diminish carbon emissions. The carbon footprint of products apparently becomes a crucial tool for net zero realization and also a new media with consumers. 
Since MAG’s establishment in 2001, we have been applying ourselves as a leading company to invent green products and replace Taiwan’s PVC (the poison plastic) market. MAG’s PLA film, PETG film, iridescent film, HEPA meltblown nonwoven, spunbond hydrophobic nonwoven, plastic wire, earloop and face shield are proudly certificated by SGS, ROHS, REACH, etc.
In addition to designing eco-friendly and human-friendly plastic products, MAG purchases professional machines to holistically enlarge recycle technology, provide green materials to manufacturers, and minimize carbon emissions and the usage of fossil fuels to achieve entrepreneurial sustainability.

After the pandemic outbreak, the percentage of plastic pollution is rising annually. Plastic waste disposal is not faster enough than the continual need for plastic products. Furthermore, about 85% of the trash found in oceans and on beaches is plastic, mostly medical waste. Therefore, tackling medical waste is a current environmental issue and increases public awareness successfully.
As a global supplier of plastic raw materials, we have accountability to develop biodegradable, recycled and reusable products. Sustainability is no longer just a slogan, and we should put it into practice immediately. MAG’s substantial surge of performance is seen as the greatest contribution to earth protection.

Plastic pollution
Image resource: Health World For All