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MAG Received the 2023 Social Enterprise Sustainable Development Award!

Award Receiving for Best Green Product and Service
Yu Ting Hsu, the President of MAG Enterprise (left) and Ming Hui Zhang, the President of ASSET (right).
Since its establishment in 1991, MAG has been contributing to designing environment-friendly products, implementing the concepts of ESG and sustainability. Honorably, MAG won the 5th Social Enterprise Sustainable Development Award for Best Green Product and Service held by the Association of Sustainable Social Enterprise of Taiwan (ASSET) on February 2023.
Integrate years of experience in high accuracy and high efficacy film manufacture, MAG successfully invented exceedingly thin and transparent PLA biodegradable film in 2011. PLA film which substantially lessens 60% of greenhouse gas emissions and 48% of energy consumption during production can be 100% decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by burial and compost. Besides, it is commonly applied to food packaging and pulp tray lamination.
PLA film is certified by OK COMPOST and other esteemed international institutions. Receiving this award undoubtedly is a meaningful compliment for our ongoing devotion. MAG aims to replace the present PVC market and enhance recycling technology to carry out plastic and carbon emission reductions for ocean pollution and climate change.

The Award Presenter and Host
Award Receival Sharing
Qiu Ming Yang, the CEO of Sanan Hospital (top right) and John Lee, the Sales Manager of MAG Enterprise (bottom).
Under the rising awareness of social enterprise and sustainability, the concept of ESG plays a positive role. Well-known institutions such as Foxconn Technology Group and KEDGE CONSTRUCTION awarded for Social Innovation also attended the 5th Social Enterprise Week. Furthermore, ASSET encourages more enterprises to sustainability realization.

As a leading supplier of plastic materials, MAG will keep focusing on pouring our innovative technology and core competency into environmental protection, social health, and economic growth. Eventually, solving contemporary global issues and enlarging the green influence in the plastic and packaging industry collectively create a better era of sustainable development.
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