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MAG is Selected for the 2023 Practical Class for Lead Enterprises of NexTech Academy!

Driven by the epidemic, growing industries comprehend the essentiality and pervasiveness of digital transformation which generates digital consumer behavior.
The definition of digital transformation is changing the mode of business management via digital technology. Enterprises must scrutinize individual frameworks, systems, personnel, etc., and begin to transform the organization, culture, procedure and other areas to face the challenges and opportunities in the digital economy. Therefore, MAG participates in the 2023 Practical Class for Lead Enterprises of NexTech Academy, held by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and is successfully selected.
Digitization – Digital Optimization – Digital Transformation
Digitization, a potent tactic for the extra labor force and energy consumption, is the basis of digital transformation. MAG has already introduced the intelligent HR cloud system in the HR department and the business cloud database in the sales department. Moreover, we plan to install the MES and IoT platforms to monitor work order, productivity, process and equipment this year. In 2024, MAG expects to initiate the MES modular expansion for production energy and carbon footprint management in the F&A department. Accessing technological tools to escalate the holistic operation efficiency and curtail the SCM cost is the persuasion.
Shortening process time, stabilizing product quality, satisfying market demands and probing new types of customers are the merits of digital transformation that help settle the existing predicaments and abide by the ESG requirements. In the environment, we will arrange solar panel establishment and reliably provide carbon footprints to customers for net zero accomplishment.
To assist small and medium enterprises with digital technology tendencies, the Ministry of Economic Affairs institutes the NexTech Academy and offers customized resources with digital programs and social media consultation. The targets are facilitating enterprise succession, cultivating digital leadership of successors and boosting market competitiveness. Thus, MAG enables to master the innovative transformation factors rapidly and well prepares for e-generation.

The List of Selected Enterprises

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