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MAG Cooperats with a World-Leading Paper-Plastic Supplier in Pursuit of Sustainability

Recently, MAG had the honor of welcoming the world-leading manufacturer of paper-plastic tableware. The visiting representatives are Procurement Director, Category Manager, Production Manager, and Product Assistant Manager.
As a globally renowned supplier, its innovative food packaging concepts primarily serve the flight catering industry. The main clients located in 33 countries include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet, and Emirates Airline, etc.
The purpose of the visit was not merely the factory tour, company and product apprehension, but most importantly, both share the same values and goals on sustainable solutions. Hopefully through the cooperation, MAG enables to promote our green PLA and PET films with FDA certificates to the airline catering market. The joint effort aims to drive the development of eco-friendly tableware, providing more green alternatives and satisfying environmental consciousness. 

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