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Toward Sustainable Prosperity: Regard ESG as an Enterprise Cornerstone

As an assessable indicator for business management, the notion of ESG was proposed by the UN Global Compact in 2004. In pace with climate change and environmental degeneration, ESG not only significantly influences investment strategies, but also becomes a consideration to estimate the sustainable operation and risk adaptability for enterprises. Nowadays, ESG is not merely a subjective moral value but hinged on objective statistic estimations. Thus, to form a concrete foundation for corporate sustainability, MAG has been taking actions on the environment, society and governance respectively.

For circular economic realization, we concentrate on inventing green products by converting the materials and rising their reusability. In 2023, our PLA biodegradable film completely decomposed into H2O and CO2 received the 5th Social Enterprise Sustainable Development for Best Green Product and Service.
In 2024, we plan to install an intelligent energy management system and obtain the Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV) to fathom the potential of carbon emissions. To accomplish 10% of carbon emissions and renewable energy, establishing the inline recycling system and solar panels simultaneously is essential. In 2026, we intend to calculate the product footprints, optimize the manufacturing processes, replace obsolete apparatuses and reach 30% of carbon emissions and renewable energy. Furthermore, finding material alternatives and fulfilling 50% of carbon emissions and renewable energy are the aims in 2030 to ultimately succeed in the RE100 and net zero in 2050.

On the society side, MAG physically implements Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and adheres to the spirit of “take it from the society, contribute to the society”. During the epidemic outbreak, we participated in the national medical supply team and produced approximately 1,920 tons of melt-blown nonwovens, 2,400 tons of spun-bond nonwovens and 1.9 billion facemasks. According to this contribution, MAG was awarded the Anti-epidemic Pioneer in 2021. Besides, MAG donated 248,900 adult facemasks, 65,000 child facemasks and 6,000 face shields to the local orphanage, primary school, hospital, police station, etc.
On the happy enterprise, we care about employees’ health, professionalism, and overall welfare. Committing to creating an equal opportunity for promotion and encouraging gender quality in teamwork and the workplace is our obligation. In addition, MAG provides a flexible working schedule to ensure staff’s work-life balance, happiness and satisfaction.

Apart from winning the Outstanding Supplier Award from our Indian agents, we passed the Dun & Bradstreet certification with the D-U-N-S numbers 65-862-5793 from 2020 till now. In 2019 and 2020, MAG received D&B TOP 1000 Elite SME Awards.
To advance the digital transformation and apply the intelligent supply chain management system in the traditional plastic industry, MAG was successfully selected for the 2023 Practical Class for Lead Enterprises of NexTech Academy. Optimizing manufacturing processes, pursuing eco-friendly technologies, assisting industry updates and green business through government consultancy are conducive to greeting the net zero era. 

Sustainability combines both environmental protection and economic development, and the striving bedrock should build on the reservation of natural resources. Corporate sustainability has been MAG’s core philosophy for a long-termed and steady future. By means of shaping outstanding ESG standards, we hope to enhance market competitiveness internationally and nationally and keep evolving the green consumption and lifestyle.
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