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A Commitment to Education: 2023 Thanksgiving MAG’s Contribution to Taichung Christian Herald Children’s Home

Since the generous endowment of adult masks and face shields last year, lately MAG has extended the warmth and care to the Taichung Christian Herald Children’s Home once again with a focus on educational empowerment. This meaningful initiative aligns with MAG’s core mission and exemplifies our commitment to CSR.

The delivered educational supplies encompass:
1. A set of rotary hammer drill with lithium battery and charger
2. Ten packs of 20 kg cement sand
3. Five sets of 50 ml pigment paste
4. Six units of heat-resistant glass containers
5. Five pieces of white aprons
The president of MAG believes that every child should have equal opportunities and access to sufficient educational resources to cultivate their potential and fulfill their aspirations. Through the provision of necessary tools for learning, MAG aims to assist children in building a brighter future. This kind gesture not only illuminates their lives during the approaching Thanksgiving season but also inspires more enterprises to actively contribute to children’s education.


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