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MAG’s President Hsu, Yu-Ting Won the 2023 Women Entrepreneurship Award - the Group of Inheritance and Transformation

Nominated on recommendation, MAG’s President - Hsu, Yu-Ting underwent three months of three-stage evaluation and stood out among 344 excellent female entrepreneurial teams and was granted the 12th Women Entrepreneurship Award in the category of the Group of Inheritance and Transformation organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (SMESA). The award ceremony attracting numerous leaders in different fields took place on November 16 at Denwell in Dazhi, Taipei to celebrate all winners’ outstanding achievements in the industries.
Since its establishment in 2001, MAG has been developing various eco-friendly high-performance hundred-layer films. Under the leadership of the president, MAG has integrated digital management, successfully mastering production processes and techniques. Through data analysis, MAG accomplishes a comprehensive transformation with a focus on sustainability.
During the pandemic outbreak, MAG earned the 2021 Anti-epidemic Pioneer Award resulting from high-quality mask material productivity. In 2023, MAG was further praised with the Social Enterprise Sustainable Development Award for the Best Green Product and Service, highlighting the president’s leadership and CSR commitment.
President Hsu, Yu-Ting, upon receiving the award, expressed that this honor is a significant affirmation for her and serves as an encouragement for all the women pursuing their dreams. “Do not be restricted by traditional gender roles; our success is a contribution to society,” she emphasized. She inspires more female entrepreneurs to believe in their potential, preserve their initial intentions, and find motivation in difficulty.
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As a successful female entrepreneur, President Hsu, Yu-Ting’s story not only injects new vitality into MAG but also sets an example for the entire industry. Her leadership style, sustainability philosophy, and CSR awareness make her a well-deserved awardee in the category of the Group of Inheritance and Transformation.
Congratulations to all the awardees, and thanks to the organizer – SMESA for the long-term promotion of the Women Entrepreneurship Program, Business Weekly and all other staff. This meaningful award will continue to gather eminent female power, becoming the strongest support for innovative female entrepreneurship. We look forward to seeing more women attain remarkable success in their careers, devoted to the prosperity of Taiwan’s industries.
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