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Digital Transformation Milestone: NexTech Academy Helps MAG Realize Low-Carbon Goals

After the half-year NexTech Academy, the final presentation was held on November 21 at the Great Skyview in Taipei. Including MAG, 16 enterprises gathered to share the fruitful outcomes of their phased digital transformation and net-zero fulfilment. In this event, MAG’s booth was located at the Digital Selection Zone, where President Hsu, Yu-Ting and Vice General Manager Liu, Shu-Yu attended for experience and insight sharing during the journey.
Owing to the comprehensive support from a strategic to practical level provided by the professional digital mentors and consultants of the NexTech Academy, MAG successfully implemented digital tools on the production line. The implementation not only diminished the risks of human errors, shortened the feedback delays in production circumstances but also directly enhanced the management efficiency. The digital change allows the company to swiftly and accurately supervise the actual production procedure and immediately accomplish the adjustments and improvements.
Tailor to Enterprise DNA, Step into Digital Shortcut
Through optimizing the factory environment, reconfiguring the individual compartments for film and meltblown machines and restructuring the warehouse, the shipping speed and smoothness grew noticeably. Compared to October between 2022 and 2023, MAG achieved a remarkable 23.63% increase in turnover, a 14.73% rise in activation and simultaneously a significant 11.70% decline in carbon emissions. The introduction of digital tools enabled MAG to reach its low-carbon goals and create long-term competitiveness and sustainability.
To surmount the challenges of the current market dynamic and ESG tendency, MAG elevates production procedures and product designs to meet higher standards and the core values of ESG. As a leading green enterprise, MAG aims to persistently drive digital transformation in the traditional plastic industry and pursue innovation for green film development.
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The Director of SMESA- He, Jin-Cang, the President of NiEA- Qiu, Ming-Qian and the President of the Institute for Information Industry- Zhang, Yu-Cheng visited MAG’s booth.
With assistance from the NexTech Academy established by the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, MAG subsequently received subsidies for the upgrading transformation of low-carbon and intellectualization in small and medium enterprises. Along this path towards carbon emission reduction, MAG extends gratitude to the NexTech Academy for invaluable guidance, encompassing the digital technology application as well as useful advice in sustainable progress. The knowledge is beneficial for MAG to tackle the difficulties and bring positive impacts on the industry and society.
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