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Magical Film, PETG, PLA Film and Various Types of Plates Are Manufactured By The Company.

Founded in 2002, Magical Film started as a manufacturer of various packaging films. Currently, the best-selling products include magical film, environmentally friendly PETG film and biodegradable PLA film.

The iris film itself is very thin, less than 40 microns thick, but there are more than 100 to 300 layers of structure, through the optical principle to produce a colorful and brilliant effect, although transparent but can be converted by viewing angle, there are various The color effect is a major breakthrough in the concept of chemical coloring for the general concept.

PETG film is made from non-crystallized PET resins. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easily heat-sealed with other materials. It can be coated on the plate by hot air blistering without the need of glue. It is heat-resistant and oil-resistant. Good for use in ovens and microwave ovens, it is an important product for food packaging on the market.

PLA is short for Poly Lactic Acid, which is made by lactic acid polymerization of starch extracted from plants by modern biotechnology. After being buried or composted, the film can be completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is 100%. Environmentally friendly materials. It is generally used in single-use products to reduce the harm to the environment.

After 15 years of film sales, Magical Film officially invested in the production of sheet products in 2017 to serve more customers. The products currently available are L-type cargo pallets, hollow sheets and bubble sheets. . L-type cargo pallets are made by high-density plastic polymerization and hot melt extrusion into sheets. Although their weight is very light, they have good resistance to pressure, impact, water and grease, heat and cold resistance, chemical resistance, etc. And many other features. It is mainly used to protect the corners of the goods when the pallet is exported.

The hollow sheet has a composition of PP (polypropylene) and is a high-purity hydrocarbon. The characteristics are light weight, non-toxic, recyclable, low temperature resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and rich in color and printable. The processing changes a lot, not only can be applied to the use of protective plates, but also can be used for stationery and decoration.

The bubble sheet (honeycomb sheet) is an enhanced version of the hollow plate, and the inner core of the column is changed into a bubble shape to provide a more perfect cushioning function as a better quality protection plate material. It is an indispensable protective material for high value-added products and precision instruments.