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11.Jun.2021 / Period:[2021-06-11~2035-06-11]

COMMERCIAL TIME& Economy Daily News: MAG HEPA, strive for the high-level filters market

COMMERCIAL TIME & Economy Daily News: MAG HEPA, strive for the high-level filters market.

Magical Film Enterprise Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in developing high-level PET film and PLA film. In 2020, in response to the global epidemic and the shortage of medical materials, we develop anti-epidemic materials, such as non-woven fabrics, melt-blown, earloop, spunbond, and the nose wire to overcome the pandemic. at the same time, we also strive for the high-level filters market and develop HEPA melt-blown which can suitable for many products.

MAG HEPA can be used for face masks, air filters, scrubs, protective coverall, and other relative products. Now we have stable productivity of more than 100 tons which can provide to the needs of global customers, and our customers are extending all over Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Asia.

Compared to normal melt-blown, MAG H11+ melt-blown has a drop pressure of less than 1.5 and H11+ is breathing well more than 3.5 times to normal melt-blown. Its high efficiency and low drop pressure can be used perfectly to face masks, allowing users to have High protection and comfort.

Compare HEPA and normal melt-blown

HEPA melt-blown

HEPA melt-blown