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KF94 masks are popular in Taiwan, but are the KF94 face masks safe!?

This picture shows MAG's new color which is applied to customers' medical face masks.

This picture shows MAG's new color which is applied to customers' medical face masks.

Due to the global epidemic of COVID-19, a variety of masks appeared on the market. Among them, KF94 was instantly popular because of its design in Taiwan, and the rumors say it can prevent viruses very well. However, is it safe I bought KF94 face masks in Taiwan?

What is KF94?

KF94 is one of the face masks classifications by the Korean Government "Ministry of Food and Drug Safety" (MFDS), which includes three levels: KF80 (filtration efficiency more than 80%), KF94 (filtration efficiency more than 94%) ), KF99 (filtering efficiency more than 99%), instead of meaning about the appearance design, but Taiwan develops own face masks standards, rather than Korean, so which sold on the Internet named "KF94 face masks", likely, it has not passed the Korean or Taiwan standards.

How to select KF94?

At present, many manufacturers have produced various face mask designs to satisfy the needs of the epidemic. The currently popular "KF94 face mask" is the appearance design called "4D mask", and "3D mask". The Ministry of Health and Welfare has a standard for medical face masks. For example, medical masks must pass filtration efficiency, airflow resistance and be printed with double labeling. Therefore MAG recommends customers buy face masks from certification companies.

Contact MAG for customized non-woven color, high-standard face mask material.

MAG's customers are all over the world and have lots of experience in produce non-woven and melt-blown. Now MAG targets the high retention filter market, MAG launched HEPA grade melt-blown by water electret technique. We also adopt tester TSI 8130 which uses by Nelson Labs to qualify products and be certified by Nelson Labs, SGS, and TTRI, HEPA can reach European and American standards, applying to medical and surgical face masks, and filters, welcome to inquire and cooperate.