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Is it safe if face masks have Azo dyes?

Non-woven and Certification
MAG products have been certified by SGS, TTRI, and Nelson Labs, and are non-Cadmium, non-Lead, non Formaldehyde and non-toxic, etc.

Due to the development of the technique, face masks have a lot of appearances, like colorful three-dimensional or gradient color KF94, but is it safe if face masks have Azo dyes? (Further reading: KF94 masks are popular in Taiwan, but are the KF94 face masks safe!?)

Carcinogens? Know Azo dyes

Azo dyes are a material which widely used in clothing, most azo dyes are safe in normal use, however, in special circumstances, such as high temperature and high acid environments, chemical substances harmful to the human body may be released, in the past, the Department of Consumer Protection found face masks containing banned azo dyes on online trading platforms.

A safer choice-Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is a safe and high-quality material, it's can be used to become colorful melt-blown and non-woven by melting the polymer and stretch filaments, In addition, some manufacturers will provide quality reports to prove non-toxic, non-formaldehyde, or non-azo.

MAG products are all certified.

Colorful Melt-blown

MAG uses non-toxic Polypropylene (PP) and all products are certified by SGS, TTRI, and Nelson Labs, MAG also has experience in producing colorful non-woven and melt-blown, MAG already has a hundred colors to make your product more presentation of colors, welcome to inquire and cooperate.