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New choice of filter: PBT meltblown

MAG has developed PBT meltblown. Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a thermoplastic engineering polymer, Compared with Polypropylene(PP), it has outstanding acid resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, and chemical resistance. PBT meltblown can be used as an excellent filter and can be widely used in fuel oil filtration, industrial wastewater filtration, and the medical industry.

PP meltblown can be used well in face masks, filters, etc. It adopts electrostatic technology to effectively adsorb particulates and other harmful substances. HEPA meltblown has higher efficiency and higher permeability, but for the need to filter Industrial wastewater, fuel oil and other industries need to face higher temperature, high chemical substances, and high acid products. Therefore, PP material can no longer be effectively used in related filtration equipment. PBT material can effectively resist acid, corrosion, and high heat resistance. so it can become a good solution for filtering industrial wastewater and fuel oil.

In terms of medical and blood transfusion-related needs, if the blood contains white blood cells when blood transfusion, it may increase the related adverse reactions. Therefore, the current medical and blood transfusion-related industries have widely used white blood cell filtration equipment to filter blood. The PBT material is a suitable filter material.

MAG actively invests in the production of innovative products. Now MAG has invested in PBT meltblown. Welcome to contact and cooperate.