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Stabbed by a face mask! ? Be careful with the material of the face mask!

Metal nose wire vs Plastic nose wire
Metal nose wire vs Plastic nose wire

During the epidemic, face masks have become an essential daily necessity in life, but there was news about college students being stabbed by face masks. so MAG will show you the difference between the face mask material, which is metal nose wire, and plastic nose wire.

Face mask become a hidden crisis in life?

It's normal to hear the nose wire of the face mask loose or penetrating face mask, In the news, college students used the KF94 face masks and were stabbed by exposed wires. so let us introduce you to the different types and functions of the nose wire.

Metal nose wire vs plastic nose wire?

Nose wire can adjust face mask to prevent epidemics or avoid air pollution, below form is the advantages and disadvantages of the two metal wire and plastic wire.
  Metal nose wire Plastic nose wire
Advantages High shaping Safe
Light and comfortable
Friendly environment, recyclable
Disadvantages Risk of stabbed
Easy to rust, breakage
Heavier weight
Difficult to recycle
The shaping strength is weaker than metal wire

Metal nose wire has a strong shaping function, so KF94 face masks use double metal nose wire usually. (Further reading: KF94 masks are popular in Taiwan, but are the KF94 face masks safe!?))
However, because the plastic wire is light, flexible and safe, and is more environmentally friendly, more and more manufacturers adopt plastic wire.

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