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How impressive MIT face masks are? Let the professional instrument show you!

台製口罩 1 (英)

In pace with the increasing demands for face masks, KF94 fish-shaped face masks become incessantly prevalent. (Further reading: KF94 masks are popular in Taiwan, but are the KF94 face masks safe!?

Knowing how to choose high-quality face masks wisely from the dazzling is considerably crucial. Despite the double MD and MIT embossments on face masks, MIT product is the contemporary market trend. For the past few years, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has proactively promoted the symbolic MIT Smile Logo for Taiwan-made products.
In MAG, we insist on the MIT production philosophy consistently and let us introduce the impressiveness of face masks with full MAG materials through the test.

The comparison of face masks

We randomly picked the certificated medical face masks in markets to compare with the masks used full MAG’s materials applied by clients.

During the process, we use the TSI 8130 instrument adopted by the internationally well-known testing center – Nelson Labs to check the air resistance and filtration efficiency of the face masks and ensure that they meet the standards in each country.
The lower the air resistance is, the higher the air permeability is.
The current air resistance regulation of medial face masks in Taiwan has to be below 5 mm H₂O/cm². Furthermore, the penetration rate is tested as 0.075 µm. The result demonstrated that the lower the penetration rate is, the more difficult the particulate matter (PM) gets through the face masks which means it is much safer.  

TSI 8130 instrument

Resistance and penetration

Compared to the general medical face masks, the masks with full MAG materials possess triple air permeability. Most importantly, the penetration rate of MAG's face masks can resist 97.16% of PM and is better than other brands.

MAG is a local supplier with ISO certification constantly making progress on productivity and techniques. At the same time, our products are also certified by Nelson Labs, SGS and FDA. MAG provides full materials for face masks, such as earloops, plastic wires, nonwoven fabrics and meltblown fabrics, etc. For more information, please contact us directly.
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