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Do you wear masks properly? How to choose the right masks?

Do you wear masks properly? How to choose the right masks?
Image resource (left): Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association 

In the wake of growing cases at an unprecedented rate in Taiwan, learning how to protect ourselves from transmission and infection seems comparatively essential.
To lessen the strain on medical personnel and prevent the spread of COVID - 19 effectively, all we can do are wearing the right masks and wearing them properly. 
What type of mask is suitable?
The review of evidence has indicated that N95 masks (≥ 95%) and medical masks (70-80%) provide more protection than others such as cloth masks, activated carbon masks, dust masks, sponge masks, and paper masks which are unable to cease the transmission. However, N95 masks are not recommended and are suggested to leave for medical personnel. People who desire to improve the level of protection are advised to wear double masks. The best and ideal combination is wearing a medical mask underneath a cloth mask. Compared to the N95 mask, the double mask shares the same protection as the N95 mask and it is more comfortable and less challenging to wear.
The correct steps to wear a medical mask - Open、Wear、Pinch、Fit.
Open the package and ensure the mask is intact. Generally, the outer layer of the mask is with color and the metal or plastic wire should be upon the outer layer.
Wear: Place the loops over your ears and secure the metal or plastic wire on your nose bridge. Extend the mask to fully cover your nose, mouth, and chin. If necessary, tie the earloops to make the mask fit well.
Pinch: Pinch the metal or plastic wire of the mask gently to fit your nose bridge snugly.
Fit: Check the mask from the mirror and assure all sides of the mask including the tightness of earloops and the direction of metal or plastic wire fit your face accurately.

正確戴口罩 4 步驟 (英)
Image resource: Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)

Make sure the mask is the right size to cover your nose, mouth, and chin because wearing the mask improperly will contain less protection. In spite of wearing it properly, keeping good internal ventilation, washing hands frequently, reducing indoor/outdoor gathering, and maintaining social distance are the indispensable precautions. If you feel unwell or unfortunately get a positive test result, please follow the guidance of the Taiwan Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and stay at home.
MAG is a well-known supplier of mask materials in Taiwan. The manufactured plastic wire could avoid the possibility of being stabbed when wearing masks. Our HEPA meltblown nonwoven fabric achieves over 99.95% filtration efficiency. Furthermore, we adopt non-toxic Polypropylene to offer a variety of colorful nonwoven fabrics, and all the products are certificated without any heavy metals, chemicals and other harmful substances. Contact us for further cooperation.