• HEPA


    The HEPA water electret melt-blown nonwoven fabric can prevent and remove the spread of dust, pollen, PM 2.5, and particles that are more than or equal to 0.3 μm.

  • Spun-bond Hydrophobic Non-woven

    Spun-bond Hydrophobic Non-woven

    Magical non woven is made by PP(Polypropylene), has optimum support, waterproof, hydrophobic, anti-blood permeation, etc.

  • PP Meltblown

    PP Meltblown

    『The heart of mask』, PP Melt-blown fabric is made by PP with molten resin , through the electrostatic technology, static electricity is absorbed in the melt-blown non-woven fiber which can absorb viruses and bacteria that have penetrated through the surface layer.

  • Transformable Plastic Wire

    Transformable Plastic Wire

    Transformable Plastic Wire is made by purified polyethylene (PE). It is eco-friendly, recyclable and safe for use.

  • Nylon Ear loop

    Nylon Ear loop

    Magical is a Taiwan based manufacture. We provide high quality of Nylon Ear loop which can be applied on mask and medical material.

  • Iridescent Film

    Iridescent Film

    Iridescent Film can be laminated with either paper , plastic film , or cloth. No Pigments or Dyes added. White light is reflected and refracted, creating variety of colors and colors will vary when viewed from different angles. Magical Film, Iridescent Film, is a true breakthrough in the field of optics and a new decorative packaging film.

  • PLA Biodegradable Film (100% Compostable)

    PLA Biodegradable Film (100% Compostable)

    PLA Biodegradable film,new packaging and lamination material, is made through burial or compost and able to decompose into water and carbondioxide completely. It does not have any pollute and do not have any bad impact on the environment. PLA film can be laminated with paper tray and replace envelope window and other food packaging.

  • PETG Film

    PETG Film

    PETG film not only features excellent optical performance and superior elongation, but also has good strength for transparency, printability, and heat-sealing. PETG film can be used in food & beverage packaging and paper tray lamination.

  • PET Mixed Polymers

    PET Mixed Polymers

    To fulfill the international demand for carbon emissions, using recycled PET mixed polymers is cost-effective and corresponds with the rising environmental awareness.