• PP Hollow Sheet

    PP Hollow Sheet

    PP Hollow Sheet, corrugated board, is made from polypropylene, high purity hydrocarbon. It is light-weighted, non-toxic and 100% recyclable for remaking. In addition, it is highly tolerant to low temperature, humidity, corrosion and impact. With splendid color ways, it is available for printing and various processing diversities. With those characteristics mentioned, it is commonly applied nowadays.

  • Mixed Polymers

    Mixed Polymers

    PETG has high transparency and good adhesion for printing, could be used for makeup bottles, containers, package film and etc. Mixed Polymers can also be extruded into sheet or films, made into plastic products by injection molding, or processed into Christmas tree leaves. Mixed Polymers can be mixed with virgin material, such as ABS, PP, PS and PMMA to extrude or inject plastic products.