• Spun-bond Hydrophobic Non-woven

    Spun-bond Hydrophobic Non-woven

    Magical non woven is made by PP(Polypropylene), has optimum support, waterproof, hydrophobic, anti-blood permeation, etc.

  • PP Meltblown

    PP Meltblown

    『The heart of mask』, PP Melt-blown fabric is made by PP with molten resin , through the electrostatic technology, static electricity is absorbed in the melt-blown non-woven fiber which can absorb viruses and bacteria that have penetrated through the surface layer.

  • Transformable Plastic Wire

    Transformable Plastic Wire

    Transformable Plastic Wire is made by purified polyethylene (PE). It is eco-friendly, recyclable and safe for use.

  • Nylon Ear loop

    Nylon Ear loop

    Magical is a Taiwan based manufacture. We provide high quality of Nylon Ear loop which can be applied on mask and medical material.