PP Circulation Box

With the three pieces structure, the case is reusable and flexible through storage. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Normally it can be storage in three pieces, nesting when needed. The case gives 100% protection, keeping products inside from impact, tilt, grease and humidity. In addition, it is reusable and corresponding with EU environmental regulations.


  • 1. The case can be divided into three pieces. Top lid and bottom pallet are made from HDPE. The middle sleeve is made from PP. It is lockable by packaging straps.
    2. The cases are available customizing. All specifications manufactured are reusable. Top lid and bottom pallet have shelf life around ten years. The middle sleeve is recyclable and replaceable, highly reducing utilization cost.
    3. The bubble sheet as middle sleeve is foldable and stackable with other two pieces. The capacity of space saving is 50% higher compares to traditional packaging material.
  • Specification:
    1.L: 1200mm*W: 800mm *H: 1000mm (outer diameter)
    2.L: 1200mm*W: 1000mm*H: 1000mm (outer diameter)
    3.L: 1350mm*W: 1140mm*H: 1000mm (outer diameter)
    4.L: 1470mm*W: 1150mm*H: 1000mm (outer diameter)