Transformable Plastic Wire

Transformable Plastic Wire is made by purified polyethylene (PE). It is eco-friendly, recyclable and safe for use. The wire is 100% polymer made. Compare to metal blend wire, it is more stable and able to do proper recycle when processing. In addition, the wire is flat shaped, with high forming and processing ability. It can be bent, formed and transformed without deformation at will. Magical Transformable Plastic Wire surely can be the substitution of coated metal and metal blend wire. Our plastic wire is accordance with the Japanese safety specification and would not puncture the Specification: 0.70mm(Thickness)*3mm(width)*2000m(length) Approximately 4KG per roll.


  • Characteristics
    • Purified Polyethylene made
    • Light Weighted
    • Recyclable
    • Excellent transforming ability
    • Non Toxic and certificated by ROHS

    • Medical essentials such as nose wire of mask
    • Decorating and Packaging
    • Stationery
    • Woven good and textile
    • Hand-made stuff
  • Medical mask 0.7MM*3MM*2000M
    3D Surgical mask 0.7MM*5MM*1600M