PP Meltblown

『The heart of mask』, PP Melt-blown fabric is made by PP with molten resin which is squeezed into the high-speed hot air flow. In addition, through the electrostatic technology, static electricity is absorbed in the melt-blown non-woven fiber which can absorb viruses and bacteria that have penetrated through the surface layer.


  • Characteristics
    • Low Differential Pressure (DP), Low air resistance, High filtration efficiency .
    • Processable to be the material of filter for medical, industry and etc.
    • Non-toxic and certificated by ROHS and FDA.
    • BFE:99%+ PFE:95%+
    • No odor with high grease resistance.
    • Filterability: mask filtering, Air purifier, air conditioning filter, Filtration of second-hand smoke
    • Anti-flaming: Class 1.

    Medical material Home deceration & clothing material Industry material Agriculture material
    Madical Mask
    Sterilized cloth
    Exposure suit
    Wipe cloth
    Soundproof material
    Cushioning material
    Crop protection fabric

    MAG maintains a high standard in every production capacity, It can make the face masks and filters production process more effective.
  • Place of origin Taiwan
    Basic weight regural weight 25gsm (can be customized)
    Width regural width 175mm (can be customized)
    Length regural length 1500m (can be customized)
    Color White
    Filtration Efficiency BFE:99%+ & PFE:95%+
    Differential pressure Under 3 mm H2O/cm2