Spun-bond Hydrophilic Non-woven

nonwoven fabrics are composed of continuous filaments produced by an integrated fiber spinning, web formation and bonding process. The process of making spun bond fabrics combines the production of fabrics with the production of filaments. High process efficiencies and excellent properties of these fabrics have made them acceptable in different areas of application. Magical non woven is made by PP(Polypropylene), has good water-absorbency. As the inner layer of mask, Magical Hydrophilic Nonwoven can absorb droplet and steam very well.


  • Characteristics
    • water-absorbency
    • breathable
    • cozy and comfortable

    • Medical material: surgical mask
  • Color Specification Origin
    White  23GSM*200MM*1500M Taiwan
    Black 25GSM*200MM*1500M Taiwan