MAG launched HEPA grade meltblown for the medical and personal protective filter material industry. By using the water electret technique, it provides higher efficiency and higher permeability. MAG HEPA can meet the standard for high efficiency filtration from H10-H14. Comparing with the general meltblown, HEPA grade has lower air resistance and higher performance. HEPA can effectively remove at least 99% of aerosols 0.3 micrometers (μm) in diameter, also prevent and remove the spread of dust, pollen, and PM 2.5. For quality control, MAG uses TSI-8130 to test each roll when producing. This automated filter tester is often used by international testing lab, such as Nelson Labs and TTRI.


  • Certification & ReportCertification & Report

    HEPA Class
    HEPA Class Retention (averaged) AirFlow Resistance (mmH2O)
    E10 (H10) > 85% ≤1
    E11 (H11) > 95% ≤1.2
    E12 (H12) > 99.5% ≤2
    H13 > 99.95% ≤3.5
    H14 > 99.995% Custom-Made
    U15 > 99.9995% Custom-Made
    U16 > 99.99995% Custom-Made
    U17 > 99.999995% Custom-Made

    Filter Medical material Home deceration& clothing material Industry material Agriculture material
    Air filter
    HEPA filter
    Air conditioner
    Cabin filter
    Gas filtration
    Cleanroom filter
    Medical Mask
    Sterilized cloth
    Exposure suit
    Wipe cloth
    Soundproof material
    Cushioning material
    Crop protection fabric

    • Low Differential Pressure (DP), Low air resistance, High filtration efficiency.
    • Processable to be the material of filter for medical, industry and etc.
    • Non-toxic and certificated by Nelson Labs, ROHS and FDA.
    • BFE:99%+ PFE:99%+
    • No odor with high grease resistance.
    • Filterability: mask filtering, Air purifier, air conditioning filter, Filtration of second-hand smoke
    • Anti-flaming: Class 1.

    MAG maintains a high standard in every production capacity, It can make the face masks and filters production process more effective.
  • Product ID Basis weight Flow rate 32 Liter 85 Liter 95 Liter Standards Source
    H1020 20gsm Particulate Filtration Efficiency / Drop pressure 94.81% / 1 - - H10 / medical mask, low drop pressure TTRI
    H1120 20gsm Particulate Filtration Efficiency / Drop pressure 96.56% / 1.2 - - H11 / Taiwan medical mask, surgical mask level one.
    US standard LEVEL1
    Europe standard FFP1
    H1120 Double layer 20gsm Particulate Filtration Efficiency / Drop pressure 99.97% / 2.8 - 99.60% / 9.1 surgical mask level one, level two, face mask D2.
    US standard LEVEL2, LEVEL3, N95
    Europe standard FFP2, FFP3
    Internal Test
    H1225 25gsm Particulate Filtration Efficiency / Drop pressure 99.77% / 2.4 98.46% / 6.5 98.07% / 7.2 H12 / surgical mask level one, level two, face mask D2.
    US standard LEVEL2, LEVEL3, N95
    Europe standard FFP2
    H1330 30gsm Particulate Filtration Efficiency / Drop pressure 99.95% and above 99.57% / 7.2 99.29% / 8.1 H13 / surgical mask level one, level two, face mask D3.
    US standard N95, N99
    Europe standard FFP3
    Place of origin Taiwan
    Basic weight regural weight 25gsm (can be customized)
    Width regural width 175mm (can be customized)
    Length regural length 1500m (can be customized)
    Color White
    Filtration Efficiency BFE:99%+ & PFE:99%+
    Differential pressure Under 3 mm H2O/cm2